Unique Saddle Pads

“Being like everyone else is highly overrated.” ― Mary E. Pearson

All of our products are hand made and the best part about them is that they are all machine washable. All items can be customized with no additional fees. 

ALL saddle blankets are 100% washable.

Creating your custom saddle blanket is easy as 1-2-3! Follow the four easy steps below:
 Prices start as low as $55!

Saddle Blanket Only(includes wear leathers) - 30x32   $55
                                                                        32x34   $60
                                                                        34x36   $65
Bling (rhinestones, cording or sequins)- $18
Monogram (both sides are included)- $20
Polo Wraps (set of 4)- $25

Western Saddle Pads are available upon request. 

1. Choose your saddle blanket's body color. You can choose and color or pattern that you want!


2. Choose your saddle pad's trim color.



3. Options:
    Choose your Bling. We have 3 types available: corded, rhinestone or sequins.


4. Options:
Choose your Monogram/Embroidery color. It is recommended that you choose the same color as your trim. Monograms are placed in the bottom corner of the saddle pad unless otherwise specified on both sides.
: Monograms are listed first name, last name, middle name.

 Two color monogram (cursive) 

Two color monogram (cursive) 

 One color monogram (block) 

One color monogram (block)